The CROWN Compact Movement Activated Sensor features a massive 12 meter range is coupled with a full 180° detection angle to provide the ultimate in security. This product adopts good sensitivity detector and integrated circuit.  It gathers automatism, convenience, safety, saving-energy and practicality functions.  The wide detection field consists of up and down, left and right service field.  It also can identify day and night. It works by receiving motion infrared rays.

Available in Black, White and Silver - 3 Years Warranty

An in-built on-time timer and daylight level controls prevent daytime operation, while a manual override facility ensures proper operation at all times of the day or night.

  • Hardwire install by qualified electrician
  • Detection angle 180° with 12 meter range
  • Manual override facility
  • An on-time timer and daylight level controls prevents daytime operation
  • Maximum controlled load 1,000 watts


Item  Parameter
Nominal VoltagE 220-240V
Nominal Frequency 50/60Hz
Detection Range 180 °
Detection distance 12m max(<24 °C)
Time Delay Min. 10sec ±3Sec
Time Delay Max. 7min ±2min
Ambient light <3-2000LUX (adjustable)
Installing Height 2.2-4m
Detection Motion speed  0.6-1.5m/s
Working Temperature:  -20~+40°C
Working Humidity:   <93%RH
Power Consumption:     approx 0.5W